Susan’s 30 Minute Power Mat Workout

Day two of our holiday workouts feature a 30 minute power mat workout from Susan Clark. This workout quickly targets the abs, legs, back, and arms using exercises from the classic Pilates repertoire. No props are required, and it can be completed in the space of a yoga mat.


Susan’s 30 Power Mat Workout
Warm Up
Bridges – Repeat 8 times.

On Your Back
Rib Hinge Curl Ups – Add marches or 10 second holds for an added challenge.
Roll Ups – Repeat 8 times.
Leg circles – Repeat 5 times with each leg in both directions.
Leg stretches – Hold a hamstring stretch, IT band stretch, and figure 4 stretch for 30 seconds t 1 minute each.

On Your Stomach
Swan – Move through Swan 5 times.
Swan Variation – Make small arm circles and pulses by your side in your Swan extension. Pulse 10 times. Circle each direction 5 times.
Planks – Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Drop to the forearm to avoid wrist strain.
Planks – Lift one leg and hold for 5 seconds. Lower and repeat on the other leg. Repeat 5 times for each leg. This exercise can also be performed on the forearms to lessen the strain on the wrist.
Side Planks – Hold each side for 10 second. Repeat 3 times each side. Add a leg lift on each side for an added challenge. Again, this exercise can be performed on the forearm, as Susan demonstrates below.
10 push ups – Drop to the knees for a modified push up if desired.
Cat Back Stretch – Move through Cat/Cow 5 times.

Spine Stretch Forward – Repeat 4 times.
Saw – Repeat 4 times to each side.
Butterfly stretch – Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Pure Pilates Pensacola 30 minute Power Mat Workout

Susan Clark specializes in injury rehabilitation through Pilates and Gyrotonic. She offers privates throughout the week by appointment in Gulf Breeze and at the Downtown studio.