Studio Artwork

Ashton Howard

Ashton Howard is a son of Florida’s gulf coast. He was inspired early on by the light and colors of its lushness, its wide white beaches and its gem like waters. As one of the world’s foremost Tropical Artists, he shares with us the overwhelming beauty that the mixture of flora, sand, water and nature will eternally lend the human spirit. For it is still at the tropics edge that man will continue to find answers.

Ashton’s artwork captures moments in time that we all share. His use of light, his understanding of nature’s force, the power of the sea, is all powerfully displayed in his work. When looking at an Ashton Howard we acutely hear the green water finding its shore, smell the life around it, and feel the visceral fantasy that the tropics eternally offer.

Angela Crenshaw

Angela Crenshaw has been creating all her life. She loves what she does, which is taking something not so lovely and making it lovely again. From walls to furniture, whatever your space, she will make it wonderfully you.  Angela’s paintings were specially created for the Pure Pilates lobby. View this artwork below.