Melanie’s 30 Minute Yogalates Workout

Our workout of the day is Melanie Glover’s 30 Minute Yogalates Workout. This blend of yoga sequencing and exercises combined with core work from Pilates creates a fun, energizing, and challenging full-body workout. Melanie provides step-by-step guidance and detailed video to walk you through this yogalates workout.

1. Starting in a cross-legged seat or Sukhasana bring the hands gently to the knees and take a few minutes to quieten the mind and deepen the breath. Perhaps closing the eyes. Relax the belly and allow the belly to inflate with every inhalation and deflate with every exhalation.

2. Slowly start to circle the upper body with the hands resting on the knees, moving the torso forwards and backwards in a circular motion. Pause and the change direction, circling the other way.

3. Bring the left hand to the right knee and inhale lift the right arm up to the ceiling the circle the hand behind you bringing the right hand behind the right hip, twisting around to the right, perhaps looking over the right shoulder. Lift up out of the seat bones and out of the right hand without leaning on it. With every inhalation lift up through the crown of the head and with every exhalation micro twisting to the right. Stay here for 10 breaths and repeat on the other side. Relaxing the belly as you breathe.

4. Come into table top position on all fours with the knees together and the hands under the shoulder. Spread the fingers wide on to the mat and engage the navel into the spine. Inhale the right leg up to the sky, tilt forwards, exhale bend the elbows beside the body and lower the chest and chin down to the body. Press into the hands and inhale press back up to table top pose with the leg still raised to the sky. Exhale draw the knee in towards the chest rounding the spine and pressing the mat away from you. Repeat 4 more times on the right side then repeat using the left leg 5 times. Press back to child’s pose for 3 to5 breaths directing your breath into the ribs on your back.

5. Tuck the toes under and press the hips up to sky coming into downwards facing dog. Spread the fingers wide bring the ears in line with the upper arms. Release the heels down towards the mat and lift the seat bones up to the sky. Walk the heels up and down to warm up the legs. Inhale lift the heels really high and roll the body forwards coming into a high plank pose with the body parallel. Exhale roll back to downwards facing dog. Repeat this 3 to 5 times.

6. Inhale the right leg up to the sky and exhale draw the right knee towards the right elbow. Inhale raise the right leg back up to sky and exhale the knee towards the chest. Inhale lift the leg up to sky and exhale the knee towards the left elbow. Inhale the leg back up to sky and repeat 4 more time on the right side. Lower the leg back to downwards facing dog and repeat with the left leg 5 times.

7. Inhale the right leg between the hands, exhale the left leg between the hands and come into forwards fold at the front of your mat. Bend the knees and allow the upper body to drape over the thighs with the crown of the head lengthening towards the floor. Nod the head “yes and no”. Inhale lift the body to a standing position by rolling up slowly with the head and hands heavy (like a ragdoll).

8. Inhale lift both hands up to the sky and interlace the fingers pressing the palms up. Lift as high as you can to lengthen the spine then reach to the left stretching out the right side of the body. Keep the chest and the armpit rotated towards the sky. Hold the pose for 3 breaths. Inhale come back to center reaching up to the sky and exhale coming over to the right side for 3 breaths.

9. Stand with the feet hip socket width apart and lower to chair pose or Utkatasana. Tuck the tail bone under and lift the navel towards the spine. After establishing the pose begin chair breaths. Inhale lifting up and exhale sitting down. Using an audible and strong breath with the nose. Repeat about 15 to 20 times and then come to a still chair pose and hold for 3 to 5 breaths.

10. Take a medium (2 to 3 feet) stance on the mat and turn the feet out slightly preparing for Goddess pose. Inhale lift the arms up to sky and exhale bend the knees and elbows. The fingers face up to sky and the upper arms are level with the shoulders, open the chest and lift the navel up to the sternum. Inhale lift the arms back up the the sky straightening the legs and exhale come back down. Repeat this 4 times then come to stillness in Goddess pose. Lift one heel at a time and then lift both. Hold the pose for 5 breaths, raising the heels with the inhalation and lowering with the exhalation.

11. Widen the stance and turn the right foot forwards towards the front of the mat and the left foot still turned slightly out, with the hips facing the sides still. Inhale, lift the arms parallel with the ground and exhale bend the right knee (ensuring that the knee is in a safe place with the knee and ankle in line). Warrior 2 pose, hold this for 5 breaths. Repeat on the other side for 5 breaths.

12. Step back to the front of the mat and inhale lift the arms to the sky and exhale fold forwards coming to a forward fold. Inhale the right leg back and come to a high lunge and hold for 3 breaths. Inhale to forward fold and exhale deepen the fold. Inhale step the left leg back to a high lunge and hold for 3 breaths (ensure that the knee is safe with the knee and ankle in line).

13. From your high lunge exhale back to downward dog. Inhale lift the heels and roll forward to a high plank. Slowly lower to a low plank. Hold for 5 to 10 breaths. Press back through the heels and lengthen to spine by reaching the crown of the head forwards. Look slightly ahead of your finger tips.

14. Lower all the way to the mat and bring the hands flat on the floor with the elbows slightly in front of the shoulders. Coming into Sphinx pose. Hold for 5 breaths then press up to a table top position and press the hips back to child’s pose for 3 breaths.

15. Come to staff pose or Dandasana flexing the toes towards you reaching the crown up to sky and lifting up through the seat bones. Bend the right leg placing the right foot beside the left knee. Bring the hands behind the body for support. On an inhale lift both legs about 2 to 4 inches from the ground. Lift the nose and chin towards the sky, broaden and lift the collar bones. Lift the whole upper body up, perhaps bring the hands in front of the body lifting the hands toward the sky. Hold for 5 breaths and repeat the other side.

16. Lie flat on the mat. Inhale and lift the legs to sky. Flex the feet strongly towards the body. Bring the hands behind the head interlacing the fingers. Keeping the elbows open, lift the head and shoulders slightly off of the mat with an inhale. Exhale lower the legs together towards the ground (don’t let them touch the ground, let them hover about 2 inches above the ground). Separate the legs still flexing the feet and inhale lift the legs back up to sky bringing the legs back together. Repeat 5 to 10 times. Then inhale flex the feet with the legs lifted to sky, separate the legs wide with them still lifted and then exhale slowly lower the legs. Bring the legs together and inhale lift back to sky. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

17. Draw the knees into the chest and relax the whole spine onto the mat. Rock the body from side to side. Eventually allowing the legs to come over to the left for a reclined spinal twist. Bring the right arm out to the side and turn the palm up to the sky. The left hand can rest on the right thigh and perhaps turning your head to look at your right hand. Bring your awareness to the right side of your body and fill the left side of your ribs with some nice deep breaths with a relaxed belly. Repeat on the other side.

18. Gently lie flat on the mat and prepare the body for Savasana (the rest pose). With the arms slightly away from the body turn the palms up to the sky and roll the shoulder blades under the body. Separate the legs, perhaps to the width of the mat. Relax the body and the breath. Remain focused on the breath without shaping or changing the breath. Try to keep the mind clear by watching your breath and witnessing your inhalations and exhalations. Remain in stillness for 5 to 7 minutes.

19. Slowly wriggle your fingers and toes and stretch the body. Take a few deep inhalations and exhalations. Gently roll over to your right side and pause for a moment, notice how you feel, then press up to a seated position.

20. Sitting in a cross legged seat bring the hands to heart center in a prayer and close your practice perhaps with an Om and bowing the forehead gently to the fingertips. Namaste.

Melanie Glover is an experienced yoga and yogalates instructor. If you enjoyed her 30 minute yogalates workout, join Melanie for yogalates Downtown and basic yoga in Gulf Breeze. To view her schedule for the first week of January, visit MindBody.