Leah’s 30 Minute Chaturanga Challenge

Leah Jones’s Chaturanga Challenge blends Pilates and yoga to power through 10 chaurangas in 30 minutes. Never heard of Chaturanga or unsure how to do it? We’ve got you covered! Chaturanga Dandasana, a.k.a. the yoga push-up or low plank, begins in high plank. In this workout, you will come into high plank directly or shift forward from downward facing dog into high plank. Once in high plank, engage the core, and lower down half way, keeping the elbows hugged in to the sides. To modify, lower the knees to the ground and come into a plank on knees. From low plank, lower the the tops of the feet into the ground and press into up dog. Press through the arms to move upward and back into downward facing dog. Cobra or low cobra is also an option instead of up dog. Chaturanga engages the triceps, serratus, rhomboids, core, and quads, making it an awesome total-body toning exercise.

Pure Pilates Pensacola Chaturanga Challenge
Leah’s Chaturanga Challenge

Begin in downward facing dog – Since this is first down dog of the workout, pedal your legs to stretch your hamstrings, lean from one hip to the other to open the calves, and bend the knees, pressing the chest to the thighs, to open shoulders and back.
Chaturanga 2x – See the video at the bottom of the workout for a demonstration.
Roll Up x3
Roll like a ball x3 – Come to standing on the last roll.
Forward fold for one breath
Plant hands and step or hop back to high plank.
Chaturanga 2x
From down dog, lower to hands and knees with a neutral spine.
Cat/Cow x5 breaths
Extend opposite arm and leg 5x each side
Extend same arm and leg 5x each side
Press up to down dog
Chaturanga 2x
Step or hop forward and come to sitting or hop through directly to siting. Come onto back.
Single leg circles 4x each direction with both legs
Single leg stretch 8x each leg
Double leg stretch 8x
Plant feet, sit up, roll up to standing.
Forward fold for 3 breaths.
Half lift on the inhale and fold forward on the exhale.
Step or jump back to high plank.
Chaturanga 2x
Lower to the stomach.
Double leg kicks 6x
Swimming for 60 seconds
Plant hands and feet and press up through plank and into down dog.
Chaturanga 2x
Lift the left leg into three-legged dog and bring it forward into pigeon. Stretch for 1-2 minutes.
Plant the hands and press back into down dog.
Optional – Keep the leg lifted and come forward into chaturanga on one leg. Lower the leg as you press into your upward dog.
Lift the right leg and repeat pigeon and the option chaturanga on the other side.
Come to down dog.
Step one foot forward and then the other into a forward fold.
Roll up to standing.

If you enjoyed Leah’s Chaturanga Challenge, join her every Thursday at 6pm in Gulf Breeze for Pilates Equipment.