Kids’ Aerial Yoga with Ellen

The start of 2016 marked a new beginning for one aspect of Pure Pilates’ aerial program: kids’ aerial yoga! Pure Pilates has a long history of offering aerial privates to children and including them in classes and workshops, so this class, devoted entirely to the needs of our younger clients, was a natural extension of the aerial program. Ellen Galatis teaches Kids’ Aerial Yoga on Thursday afternoons at 3:30pm at Pure Pilates Gulf Breeze. She was inspired to create this class to encourage self-awareness, spatial understanding, and self-esteem among kids 8 and older. Students will use the aerial hammocks to build upper body and core strength while improving balance and flexibility.

Aerial Yoga is great for kids because it merges fun and fitness. The class allows for play in the aerial hammock while also building strength and flexibility. Each class will begin with a series of warm up exercises. Students will then move through various strengthening and stretching movements. Class time will end with the introduction of and practice of basic aerial inversions. Many kids (and adults!!) find the “flips” and “tricks” at the end of class to be the most fun and exciting part of their practice!

kids' aerial yoga pure pilates pensacola

Kids’ Aerial Yoga isn’t just for kids though. This class is open to parents who want to take part in the the class with their children. Ellen and her 13-year-old daughter, Naomi (pictured), enjoy practicing aerial yoga together, and they invite other families to join them. Aerial yoga is a great way to spend time together as a family and encourage health and fitness within the family.

Class size is limited to five participants to build camaraderie and promote safety.

For more information, contact Ellen. Ellen also teaches a traditional Aerial Yoga class at 6:30pm on Wednesdays at Pure Pilates Downtown. To sign up your child (and maybe even yourself) for Kids’ Aerial Yoga or Aerial Yoga, visit us on MindBody.