Jeannie’s 30 Minute Ab Blast Workout

Jeannie Jernigan’s 30 minute Ab Blast workout features some of our favorite exercises, including the “fab five” ab series! The ab series is a staple in Pilates classes, and a staple in Jeannie’s personal practice. The Fab Five only takes a few minutes to complete, but it effectively targets the muscles of the core. If you want to increase the challenge, flow through these five exercises without a break between exercises. Moving directly from exercise to exercise will increase abdominal endurance and turn up the burn.

Pure Pilates Pensacola 30 minute ab blast workout
Jeannie’s 30 Minute Ab Blast Workout

Lie on back
Warm up 8 arm circles each direction
8 chest lifts – Feet can be on the ground, legs can be at tabletop, or legs can be extended.
8 chest lift with rotation in each direction
100 with lets in table top or with legs extended
8 Double leg stretch
8 Double straight leg stretch
8 Single leg stretch
8 Single straight leg stretch
8 Criss cross
4 Bridges
4 bridges with soles of feet together
8 leg pulls – Come into incline plane/reverse plank, with the hips steady and without breaking at the waist, raise one leg, and then lower. Repeat on the other side.
12 triceps dips – From your leg pull position, bend the elbows to come into a tricep dip. Press back up.
Plank hold 30 seconds
Side plank each side hold 30 seconds
12 push ups – These can be regular, on knees, or against counter according to ability and strength!
8 Side lying leg lifts
8 side lying leg circles each direction
8 clams each side
Repeat the side lying series with the other leg
Mermaid stretch 30 seconds to 1 minute each side. Repeat 2 times.

Want to work your core with Jeannie in class? Check out her Tuesaday/Thursday 8am class at Pure Pilates Downtown for an awesome ab blast workout. Jeannie also takes privates at both studios throughout the week. To view Jeannie’s complete class schedule, visit us on MindBody.