Instructor Snap Shot

This week’s Instructor Snap Shot features Jessica Wade, an instructor with over ten years of Pilates teaching experience who was recently accepted into the Balanced Body Faculty Training Program!

Instructor Snap Shot: Jessica Wade

Jessica Wade Instructor Snap Shot
  • Where are you from? Philadelphia, PA
  • Tell us about your family and pets? I have two wonderful children and a loving fiance. My pets are also a special part of my life. Beckett is my “Pilates Pup” because he loves to jump into my Instagram photos and pose. Spike is my cardio kitty. I usually have to chase her down to take a photo unless I am drinking a glass of wine. Then she is always there to judge me.
  • What is your education and fitness training experience and background? My fitness background is ballet-based with a quick excursion in the US Navy. Growing up, I always did ballet and theater. When I graduated high school, I joined the Navy for the adventure. I have been a Pilates instructor for almost eleven years. My Pilates education started at an early age, and I have completed two comprehensive training courses. As a certified member of the Pilates Method Alliance that has recently been accepted to the Balanced Body Faculty Training Program, I am always on the hunt for education and life experiences.
  • Do you have a career outside of fitness instruction of is this your full-time occupation? I am a full-time Pilates Instructor. However, I also work at Sephora on the weekends. Perfume and skin care are my kryptonite!
  • What do you enjoy most about teaching? I enjoy introducing clients to their bodies. I love helping to take that nagging pain away that keeps them up at night just by adding an element of stretch or strength. And just being kind!
  • What is your favorite class to teach and why? I can’t think of a class that I don’t like to teach! My goal with every class is to help clients feel more accepting of their bodies or dig a little deeper. I go into class with an intention. I might not say it out loud…but as I watch the clients leave, I am observing to see if they feel better, taller, and stronger than when they started class.
  • What is your favorite exercise: Climb a Tree or anything on the Ladder Barrel. However, I find myself in class saying that pretty much everything is my favorite. It’s true. I guess that’s why I teach. The easier answer for me would be the only exercise that I do NOT like to do is the One Leg Circle.
  • What is your favorite type of music/favorite song to listen to while working out? Depends on what I am doing. Pilates or Yoga: I love to listen to mellow, happy music. One of my favorites for Pilates is The Beatles’ Sargent Pepper album. If I am running, then cadence is a must to keep me going. I like Eminem, Johnny Cash, or the Rolling Stones for running.
  • What are your favorite Pilates essentials? The only essential thing I can think of is an open mind to new ideas. However, a great outfit or a pretty yoga mat makes the journey so much more fun. Allowing yourself to just be happy and not too serious is essential too. That is my own personal essential goal.
  • What is your favorite brand of activewear and why? I have a three-way tie with Alo, Lucy, and Lululemon. They make me feel confident and modern. I live in activewear all day, and I need them to wash well. With two kids and two jobs, I need quality because I do not have time to baby my clothes.
  • When not teaching Pilates, what are your hobbies and interests? Theater. You can usually find me hanging out at the Pensacola Little Theater with my friends or in an Artistic Committee meeting. It is my joy to be around happy, creative people.
  • What is your favorite healthy snack? Cashews. Are they healthy? Nuts in general. I love Brussels sprouts with lemon pepper.
  • What is the best benefit you’ve received from Pilates? Great posture, balance, and endurance are the first benefits that come to mind. But, if I really step back and think about the question, my truest answer is patience. I have to be patient with my body. It sounds like a fortune cookie, but learning how to check my ego at the door and not force my body to contort into poses that came easy to me at one time in my life has made me value what my body is capable of doing now. Don’t get me wrong – I love to work hard and sweat…just now I do it with more technique and patience.
  • Do you have any advice for someone just starting Pilates? Smile. Have fun. Listen to your body. The word “basic” does not mean easy. Build up from the basics to have a solid base of technique to stay injury free.
  • Anything else you want to add? Please follow me on Instagram @Pilates_Please_ .  Hope to see you all in class!

Join Jessica for Pilates Equipment every Monday evening at 6pm and Fridays at 9:30am at the Downtown studio. She is also available for privates throughout the week. Keep up with Jessica’s adventures with Pilates Pup, her kids, and the ladder barrel on Instagram @Pilates_Please_!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of our Instructor Snap Shot. Be sure to check in regularly so you can get to know all of our talented, hard-working staff.