Getting Wedding Ready

When I got married nearly five years ago, I remember the frantic energy surrounding everything wedding related. Is everything booked? Have all the groomsmen gotten their suits yet? Is the seating chart finalized? What is the backup plan if it’s snowing or icy (fortunately not a problem in Florida)? And perhaps the most important question faced by any bride…HOW AM I GOING TO LOOK IN MY DRESS?! Pure Pilates Owner and Master Trainer, Susan Clark, recently became engaged and began planning her wedding. With less than 6 weeks to go before the big day, we asked Susan how she has stayed in shape since her engagement and how she’s getting wedding ready.


Getting Wedding Ready Susan Clark Pure PilatesThere is much involved in “getting wedding ready” in terms of getting in shape, beauty treatments, and planning the event! This past year has been very busy trying to get everything wedding ready.

I try to run/walk 12 miles a week. My fiancé and I have decided to do the McGuire’s 5K and the Pensacola Half Marathon, so training is about to begin. Combining cardio with strength training from Pilates and Aerial has proven to be beneficial. My upper body and core strength have improved, and running is great way to trim down.

For the past 7 months my fiancé and I have cut out wheat and dairy. Not completely, we still have our cheat nights! Cutting out yogurt, bread, and pasta have helped to reduce belly fat. A great breakfast substitute is a smoothie packed with vitamins, such as fruit and kale. At night we eat lean meats and vegetables.

The beauty treatments have been the most time consuming and expensive. My hair is extremely thin and fine so I invested in hair extensions, which was a great idea to give me the length and body needed for the up do. (Bloggers note – Susan’s hair looks AMAZING! LJ) I did the 10 session series of Acupuncture facials to help with toning and tightening. Since Christmas, I’ve started combining the Acupuncture facial treatments with Oxygen Facials once a month.

We are now inside 60 days till the big day. We are finalizing the music, menu, ordering gifts, getting dresses hemmed, and getting ready for the Bridal photoshoot. It has been a fun, and exciting process (only a little stressful). It is completely worth it though to be able to celebrate with friends and family that I get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing person in the world, Richard.

Are you getting wedding ready too? Pure Pilates offers a Bridal Package, including 5 private sessions, 5 mat classes, and 5 equipment classes for $375!