Brandi’s 30 Minute Long and Lean Workout

Brandi Reeves’s 30 minute long and lean workout is packed full of exercises from the classic Pilates repertoire. Brandi is a huge fan of classic Pilates exercises because they are effective for working all the major muscle groups. She’s put together some of her favorites here, especially ones that target the legs, glutes, and core to keep the body long and lean. No props are required, but Brandi suggests a towel for stretching. Brandi has also broken down some of the basic Pilates exercises in her long and lean workout to provide a better understanding of the postures.

Pure Pilates Pensacola 30 minute long and lean workoutHundred x 100 counts – Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, your knees bent, your feet flat on the floor. Lift your legs into tabletop while your arms reach toward the ceiling, lower the arms and lift the upper body off the floor while keeping the legs in the tabletop position. Pulse the arms for 100 counts.
Roll Up x 6 – Lie on your back with your arms overhead. Reach your arms toward the ceiling as you lift the head and torso off the floor to roll up. Roll all the way forward keeping the sit bones anchored then roll back down to the starting position.
Single Leg Circles x 8 circles each way – Lie on your back with your hands at your sides, palms up, legs together with your feet flexed. Straighten the top leg above the hip. Circle the leg across the body continuing the circle down towards the opposite leg, away from the body then returning to the starting position. Remember to circle in both directions then switch legs.
Single Leg Stretch x 12 sets
Double Leg Stretch
Spine Stretch
Single Leg Kick
Child’s Pose for 3 breaths
Downward Dog for 3 breaths
Plank for 30 seconds
Right Side Lying Leg Series
– Side Kicks x 8
– Small Circles x 8
– Bicycle x 8
Swimming – Lie prone on the floor with the arms reaching overhead and the legs straight. Lift the right arm and left leg. Switch arms and legs quickly while maintaining balance.
Left Side Lying Leg Series
– Side Kicks x 8
– Small Circles x 8
– Bicycle x 8
Teaser x 4
Teaser with Leg Lowers x 4
Pilates Push-Up
Stretch with towel
– Hamstring
– IT Band
– Adductor Stretch

If you enjoyed Brandi’s 30 minute long and lean workout, join her every Thursday at 5:30pm at the Downtown studio for Pilates Equipment. Brandi will also be teaching over the holidays. To see her class schedule for the week after Christmas, visit us on MindBody.