Benefits of TRX

Once again, it’s time for Christina’s bi-monthly guest blog! Today she is sharing the benefits of TRX.

I love trying new modules of exercise, and I often refer to myself  as an exercise fad junkie. I’ve dabbled in most of the popular styles, and especially love the cardio + strength training modules. Sadly, I’ve walked away from just as many as I have tried…

P90X – got sick of Tony Horton’s voice

Cross Fit – got sick of the egos…do you even lift, brah?

Kickboxing – Do I really to have a reason for dropping this one?

Jillian Michaels – Don’t yell at me lady, are you in my living room? I really AM dying!

Marathon training – I have categorically decided the only organized races I wish to participate in ever again are the Hunger Games 2025.

I liked them all for a period but after awhile I felt like there were legitimate reasons for not sticking with them. With the “at home” programs I grew bored with the same jokes, the same work outs and, most importantly, the same faces (like that obnoxious red head from P90X).  Cross Fit…well, I’m not going to get into all the reasons I threw in that towel (I would hate to have all of Northwest Florida’s “fitters” come after me), but the most PC issue was that I felt like there was a total lack of knowledgeable, helpful coaches. Long distance running…boo-ring!

…and THEN I found TRX. I can’t say it in any more eloquent language – I love TRX. I love the challenge, the burn, the variety. I LOVE it all. Nikki Beck introduced me to it two years ago and I have been faithfully addicted ever since. I love it so much that this past NovemberI attended a training to achieve my TRX certification, and for Valentine’s Day, my husband bought me my very own TRX system. It’s true love, ya’ll!Benefits of TRX Legally Blonde Edorphins Make You Happy Pure Pilates

(Blogger’s Note – I saw Christina’s TRX package arrive, and I can attest to her excitement! She had already prepared the ceiling mount, so it was in-use 10 seconds after it left the box. Related note…if you hear about someone breaking into her garage to workout…it was probably me…but shhhhh…don’t tell her that! LJ)

The benefits of TRX are innumerable, but these are the top three reasons I find TRX is most beneficial for me and my lifestyle:

1.     Quick workouts: I don’t always have time for an hour and a half work out. Wait, let’s be real…I NEVER have time for one. In 30 minutes I can achieve a full body workout with 6-8 simple exercises and feel like I’ve “checked” my exercise box for the day.

2.     The BURN: I love that burn…you know the one I’m talking about? The burn you feel when you’re pushing that last set? Yeah, that one. TRX gives you that burn and it hurts so good! To me, it’s not a good workout unless I feel it, and with TRX, I feel it. And when I feel it I KNOW I’m burning calories, sculpting muscle and producing plenty of endorphins to get me through my day.

3.     Variety: You can do so much with TRX. On top of that, you can combine TRX with other modules, so that you’re giving yourself a fresh, exciting and new workout every single day. No two work outs are the same, AND you can always get in a total body workout and don’t have to feel guilty wondering if you’ve spent enough time on a particular muscle group or area.

I would love to tell you all of the benefits of TRX and how they have helped me personally, but I have to jet because it’s time for my TRX workout ,and I can’t wait one more minute to start! Reason #4 right there, folks – I anticipate and look forward to my workouts!

You, too, can try TRX- and you can do it with ME on Fridays in Gulf Breeze at 10am. Come and join in on the fun, and fall in love with TRX, too!

– Christina Snuffin


Want to experience the benefits of TRX for yourself? Christina teaches a Friday morning TRX at 10am in Gulf Breeze. She is also hosting a TRX Barre Fusion Workshop on March 26th at 1pm at Pure Pilates Downtown. Sign up on MindBody today to reserve your place.

Benefits of TRX Barre Fusion Workshop with Christina Snuffin Pure Pilates Pensacola