Andrea Henshall Instructor Snap Shot

This week’s Instructor Snap Shot features Aerial Yoga and TRX instructor, Andrea Henshall!

Andrea Henshall Instructor Snap Shot Pure Pilates Pensacola Aerial Yoga

Instructor Snap Shot: Andrea Henshall

  • Where are you from? I call Norfolk, NE home.
  • What is your education and fitness training experience and background? I’m an engineer by trade. I have my master degree in astronautical engineering from MIT. I decided to teach fitness classes because I loved body-weight only workouts so much I wanted to share the experience with others. I received my yoga teacher training at Navarre Living Yoga in Navarre, FL; my TRX qualification from Urban Body Studios in Atlanta, GA; and my Unnata® Aerial Yoga Instructor Certification from Aerial Fit in Charleston, SC.
  • What do you enjoy most about teaching? I love seeing students do things they didn’t think they could do. People are often much stronger than they believe.
  • What is your favorite class to teach and why? Aerial yoga. Some students are a little nervous about the class, but once they take it, they realize how much fun it is, how good it is for their bodies, and how great they feel afterward!
  • What is your favorite exercise? Yoga! There are so many varieties from a physically demanding vinyasa class to a meditative yin class; I get not only what my body needs, but what my mind needs after a long day.
  • What is your favorite type of music/favorite song to listen to while working out? It depends on the type of workout I’m doing. If I’m doing an active yoga class, I love to listen to Lindsey Stirling. If I’m doing a more meditative class, I like silence. If I’m running or lifting weights, I like rock.
  • What are your favorite Yoga essentials? I love my Manduka mat!
  • What is your favorite brand of activewear and why? I like the panels typical in Onzie’s clothing. Purely aesthetic reasons!
  • When not teaching Aerial Yoga and TRX, what are your hobbies and interests? I skydive, SCUBA dive, and run. I’m also taking online classes in preparation for going back to school.
  • What is your favorite healthy snack? Dried vegies! I like savory snacks, and I can find dried vegies with no artificial ingredients.
  • What is the best benefit you’ve received from Yoga? Strength and flexibility together. It’s tough to get both with a single type of workout, but Pilates and yoga provide it.
  • Do you have any advice for someone just starting Aerial Yoga? Find a studio/teacher/class that fits you. There are a lot of aerial yoga, yoga, and Pilates classes out there, and each has a slightly different “personality” to it. If you find one that speaks to you, you’ll go more often, enjoy it more, and make lifelong friends in the process!
We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of our Instructor Snap Shot. Be sure to check in regularly so you can get to know all of our staff. If you’d like to hang out in the aerial silks with Andrea, register now for her May 14th Aerial Yoga workshop! Space is limited, so head over to MindBody or call 850-607-2772 to reserve your silk.